about Chris Company




Hey there!!  My name is Brittany (soon to be Van Nuland). I have been in love with weddings for over a decade now. It started off with photography but I soon fell for event planning, decorating, and flowers!! It's safe to say, I am obsessed with weddings + being creative, and letting out my inner genuity.  

I am currently planning my own wedding with the love of my life, Chad. It is making me grow a deeper passion for coordinating weddings as I grow a personal connection with such an important day!


The team

Chris Company is always a team effort. From bouquet making, to decor and event setup, there is many hands on deck! CC is comprised of artists who love photography, planning, traveling, and events! When you hire Chris Company you are hiring a team. We can’t wait to make you apart of the team of creating your dream wedding day!

In loving memory of Chris bloom. The woman who inspired me to capture every moment.