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Free Seating Chart and guest list organization sheet

It's the dawn of your engagement and you are breathless to the fact that someday, hopingly soon you will be standing next to your new forever, on the day you will remember forever. You can't wait for the day but you can't fathom the steps it takes to get there. That's where Chris Company comes in.

One aspect of our service that we pride ourself on is our 18 sheet Online Wedding Planning Binder. We are going to give you a quick look inside this Wedding Planning Binder with a few sheets that we think are some of the most important.

Start thinking about the people that are going to be there for your special day by filling out these FREE Guest List and Seating Chart organization spreadsheets! These color coated sheets will help to ensure a stress free management of all your guest. They are packed with formulas to streamline tasks. The formulas will give you a running total of the number of guest as you jot down names. The sheets also transfer names from your guest list sheet to the seating chart.


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